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We invite you to learn more about our mission here at Mother Teresa House.

A Home  Our terminally ill guests are best served in a home environment. Mother Teresa House is not a facility, but a hospice house in a simple family home where we can care for up to three guests at a time.


Where All Are Welcome  All are welcome at Mother Teresa House. Guests of any religious, social, or economic status are warmly welcome and their family and friends also find welcome. Priority is given to those in greatest need.


To Find Comfort and Care  Mother Teresa House caregivers volunteer their time and joyfully care for our guests as an expression of God’s love.


A Place to Pray  “We need to pray—for prayer gives a clean heart and a clean heart can see God in each person. If we see God in others, naturally, we will love one another as God loves each one of us.” -Mother Teresa


Where Life is Revered  Each person is a child of God.  We revere their dignity as he or she lives out their last days with us.


Among Community  “You must make your home a center of burning love, the sunshine of God’s love must be in your home first.”   -Mother Teresa

Extended Family

Even though Mother Teresa House is a home for the dying, it is a community of people who come to share their lives.  The kind of care we give is like an extended family to our guests.  Caregivers are encouraged to sit in guest rooms to offer a presence of love for them, whether conversing or simply being silent.

Supportive Caregivers

Two caregivers are scheduled simultaneously which creates an environment of shared care and support. Concerns about care for a specific guest are shared with the other caregiver and an on-call coordinator is always available to answer questions.


Everyone serving at Mother TeresaHouse meets together quarterly to reflect, share, learn, pray, and remember guests who have died.

The Heart of The Home

A vibrant place of community life is at our kitchen table, where stories are told and meals are shared.  Someone is usually baking or cooking something delicious, and the smells waft throughout the house. There is a cheerful demeanor, and joys and sorrows are shared.

You Are Not Alone

Guests are never alone at Mother Teresa House.  There is always someone directly with them or right outside their door.  Our guests never have to suffer alone.  This goes for their family members too.

Supportive Love

Grieving the gradual loss of a loved one is painful, and the Mother Teresa House community surrounds a guest’s family with love, prayers, and simple helpful acts.  You are among community when you are here at our home.

Employment Opportunities

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Our Mailing Address

Mother Teresa House
P.O. Box 13004
Lansing, MI 48901

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am - 4pm
Phone: (517) 484-5494

Tour of Peace

Stop by one of our tours to see what we do on a daily basis. Tours are free to the public. Sign up today!

Primary Communities Served Are:

East Lansing
Eaton Rapids
Grand Ledge
Lake Odessa
St Johns